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Oxandrolone / Anavar Somatrop-Lab

Oxandrolone / Anavar Somatrop-Lab
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  • Alternative product names:  Oxandrolone, Oxan, Anavar, Oxandrin

    Available in warehouses:: Warehouse EU-1 (HB/SL)

  • Company: Somatrop-Lab
    Active Half-life (Hours): 9-10h
    Group: Anabolic Steroids           
    Subgroup: Oral/tablets                     
    Dosage: 10 mg/tab         
    Application (Men): 20-50 mg a day             
    Product pack: 100 tab                           
    Content (active): Oxandrolone
    Retains water: No                       
    Aromatization: No         

    Effects & Benefits

    The product can be used for a range of goals, such as accelerating lean muscle mass growth, improving strength capacity, enhancing tissue regeneration & reinforcing bones.

    Individuals that choose to take this product should consider the most common adverse reactions, including acne, increased low-density cholesterol levels, elevated liver enzymes & testosterone reproduction suppression (reversible).

    To mitigate adverse reactions described above, consider the inclusion of gonadotropin.

    Important Information             

    Avoid taking this product over 8-12 weeks or if you suffer from gastrointestinal tract problems.    

    To reduce the load on the liver, we recommend portioning the dosage into a few smaller doses  

    Active Half-Life 9-10 hours
    Active Substance  Oxandrolone
    Aromatization  No
    Classification Anabolic steroid
    Dosage Men 20-60 mg/day
    Form Oral
    Product Packaging 100 pills
    Water Retention  No