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Methandienone Duncan

Methandienone Duncan
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  • Brand: Duncan
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €19.00
  • Ex Tax: €19.00
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  • Alternative product names:  Methandienone, Methan, Dianabol, D-Bol

    Available in warehouses:: Warehouse EU-2 (DUNС/MART)

  • Specifications:

    Manufacturer: Duncan
    Active Half-Life (Hourly Based): 4-6h
    Medication Type: Anabolic steroids
    Drug Category: Oral/tablets
    Dosage: 10 mg per tab.
    Usage for Males: 20-40 mg /day
    Product Packaging: 100 tab.
    Active Ingredient: Methandienone
    Oil-based: Yes
    Water Retention: Yes

    Product Overview

    Methandienone serves multiple purposes, including fostering muscle mass growth, augmenting strength, and fortifying bone structures.

    Side Effects:

    Individuals opting for this product should be mindful of common side effects, such as acne, elevated low-density cholesterol, heightened liver enzymes, and reversible testosterone reproduction suppression.


    To mitigate the aforementioned adverse effects, consider incorporating gonadotropin. Methandienone can be paired with both short and long esters.


    Combining this drug with other oral anabolic steroids may strain the liver.

    Important Notes:

    If experiencing digestive issues, limit usage to 8 to 12 weeks and divide dosages into smaller portions.