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HGH (liquid) 100IU Marten

HGH (liquid) 100IU Marten
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  • Brand: Marten
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  • HGH (liquid) 100IU Marten represents a synthetically crafted human growth hormone, manufactured within a prominent European facility, offering a myriad of advantageous impacts akin to other top-tier growth hormone formulations.

    With a remarkable 99.8% purification rate and a judicious pricing structure per 1U of substance, this product outshines its competitors in terms of cost-effectiveness.

    Its peak presence in the bloodstream, showcasing the highest GH levels 3-4 hours post-administration, has been validated through individual research, boasting a 1.5-fold increase compared to many leading products in the market.

    • Exceptional blend of quality ingredients
    • Unparalleled purification standards
    • Yields the highest GH and IGF-1 levels
    • Ideal for concurrent strength augmentation and sculpting a toned physique

    Supreme quality:

    • Facilitates fat reduction, stimulating lipolysis
    • Enhances physical prowess and muscle mass
    • Promotes a sense of vitality
    • Enhances cardiovascular functionality

    Purification excellence:

    • Exhibits a rejuvenating tonic effect
    • Bolsters cognitive functions
    • Initiates regeneration and revitalization of aging organs
    • Enhances skin texture and diminishes wrinkles

    Elevated performance:

    • Stimulates bone marrow cells for red blood cell production
    • Enhances bone tissue integrity
    • Fortifies the immune system
    • Retards the aging process
    Active Half-Life 2 to 3h
    Aromatization No
    Classification Peptide hormone
    Dosage 33.3 mg (100 iu)
    Product Packaging 2 vials
    Water Retention Yes